The Youth Transition Program is designed to equip young people with employability and digital skills to enable them to become more employable and also allow them to create jobs for themselves, thereby providing them access to economic opportunities.

About Youth Transition Program

The program is designed to transform participants’ potential into success. We’re on a mission to empower 750 young minds across South-West Nigeria and beyond. Whether you’re eager to land your dream job or embark on an entrepreneurial journey, this program is your gateway to a world of opportunities.

The Youth Transition Program is tailored to meet your needs and aspirations, as we dive into learnings that include but not limited Digital Workspace tools with Practical Exercises, Digital Workplace Skills, CV writing & LinkedIn Optimizations, and more.


  • To equip participants with job search skills
  • To prepare participants for the job market
  • Te equip participants with employability skills
  • To equip participants with digital marketing skills
  • To show participants how to position and leverage the internet for economic opportunities.

About Youth Transition Program

Program Details
Duration - 2 Weeks The Youth Transition Program is an intensive 2-week virtual bootcamp, where you'll engage for 6 hours daily.
Mode of Training
Fully Virtual All sessions will be held through interactive virtual classes on Zoom, ensuring a dynamic learning experience.
Who should Apply

  1. Young graduates
  2. Final year students
  3. Unemployed youth
  4. Girls between the ages of 18-35 years
Registration Closes
    Friday 26th April, 2024
Class Starts
    Monday 29th April, 2024

Why You Should Apply

The Youth Transition Program is more than just a workshop – it’s your springboard to success. Whether you’re ready to kickstart your career or explore entrepreneurial avenues, this program equips you with the skills, mindset, and connections to make your aspirations a reality. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your future.

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The Youth Transition Program is designed to provide young people with the skills they need to transition into work and business. Please note details provided below will be used for the purpose of this program only.

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